Kenyan Kante Shoots His Shot At Mungai Eve

Dancer and singer Kenyan Kante has made a bold step in asking renowned content creator, Mungai Eve, to be his valentine. At the same time, the former Nakuru street boy expressed his undying love to the rumored single YouTuber.

Via his Instagram account, the dancer shared a video which showcased a luxurious bedroom decorated with Eve’s portraits, love themed colors, writings and balloons. While donning a white sleeping robe, he walked around as he dedicated a love song to the YouTuber.

In the caption, the singer asked the flamboyant lady to be his valentine. He further declared his affection to the young YouTuber.

“Mungai eve will you be my valentine?❤️😊 I love you so much 🥰 “, Kante indicated.

Credits: Kenyan Kante’s Instagram.

In the recent past, the dancer explained his struggles in finding a suitable lady to date. He declared his search for a woman as he listed the traits he is looking for in the lady.

Eve is speculated to have parted ways with her boyfriend, Director Trevor. This is after the former power couple unfollowed each other on their social media accounts. It all started by the duo deleting each other’s snaps on all their sites.


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