Ruto Demands Accountability for Tragic Embakasi Gas Plant Explosion

In a swift response to the tragic gas filling plant explosion that rocked Embakasi on Thursday night, President William Ruto has taken decisive action by ordering the immediate dismissal, arrest, and detainment of government officials responsible for granting licenses to the ill-fated facility. The explosion claimed three lives and left over 280 others injured.

Addressing the issue during the groundbreaking ceremony for Chekalini Market in Lugari, Kakamega County, President Ruto expressed his concern over the operational status of the gas filling plant, which he asserted was in direct violation of existing laws. According to the President, unscrupulous government officials had issued permits allowing the establishment of the plant in a residential area, thereby putting the lives of Kenyan citizens at risk.

“In Nairobi, there was an explosion causing grave injuries to many people because of laziness, deceit, and corruption in government offices. Some granted a license for the plant to be established at a residential area endangering the lives of Kenyans,” stated Ruto during the ceremony.

The President demanded the immediate dismissal and arrest of the implicated government officials within a 24-hour timeframe to face charges related to the incident. He emphasized the need for accountability, stating, “I have instructed the Ministry that those responsible for granting the license should be fired, arrested, and detained today.”

Ruto further alleged that bribery played a significant role in the issuance of the license, allowing the gas filling plant to operate against the prescribed regulations. “They (gas filling plant owners) were instructed not to establish the facility but due to bribery and lack of discipline, the license was issued, and now we have a problem in our hands,” revealed the head of state.

The President’s directive followed confirmation by Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) boss Daniel Kiptoo that the gas filling plant managed other facilities in Embakasi and Nanyuki. EPRA officials, responding to the incident, raided the facility in Nanyuki and arrested the staff. It was discovered that the facility in Nanyuki was only licensed to operate as an LPG gas transporter.

Director-General Kiptoo revealed that the application for establishing the gas-filling plant in Embakasi had been rejected three times due to its failure to meet stipulated safety measures. Despite these rejections, the plant was allowed to operate, resulting in the tragic explosion.

President Ruto’s decisive action underscores the government’s commitment to addressing corruption and negligence within its ranks, particularly when it comes to matters of public safety. The aftermath of the explosion has ignited calls for a thorough investigation into regulatory processes and increased scrutiny to prevent similar incidents in the future.


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