Mr Seed Publicly Apologizes To Wife After Controversial Sentiments On Marriage

In a regretful expression of emotions, renowned musician Mr Seed has publicly apologized to his wife, Nimo Gachuiri, after he made controversial remarks on marriage.

In a recent podcast, the artist publicly acknowledged that men are naturally polygamous and therefore do not easily commit to relationship. According to him, a man can be married for three years yet he is not contented with his wife. For this reason, he will pursue another lady and most probably the female “bestie” and start a new relationship.

“I can be with you in a relationship for like 3 years, do you understand? Just three years of me looking at you knowing very well you don’t have what I want…,” Mr Seed said.

The sentiments displeased his wife who in response reacted harshly to the father of her child. She was puzzled on the reason behind her husband’s remarks despite being in a committed marriage. The mother of one criticized the act terming it as “inappropriate” for someone who is married.

In reaction to the backlash received from his words, the singer decided to make a public statement apologizing to his wife. He took to his instastories and acknowledged his misbehavior as he regretfully apologized for the harm it has caused to his lover.

He promised to be more considerate next time before making any statement regarding marriage and relationships. The remorseful singer declared his value for his relationship with his wife as he vowed to be thoughtful in his acts and words in order to avoid hurting her or any other person.

“Dear Nimo, I apologize sincerely for any unintended hurt my recent comments on marriage and relationships may have caused. I realize now that my words did not align with the respect I hold for you. Your feelings matter deeply to me, and I am committed to being more thoughtful in my expressions moving forward. I value our relationship dearly and regret any discomfort my remarks may have brought to you or any other person. With love Mr Seed,” the artist stated.

Credits: Mr Seed’s Instagram.

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