Nakuru Senator calls for Governor Susan Kihika’s impeachment

Nakuru, The controversy surrounding the disruption of services at War Memorial Hospital in Nakuru has escalated, with Senator Tabitha Karanja demanding the impeachment of Governor Susan Kihika. The incident, which resulted in the neglect of numerous patients and the unfortunate death of one individual, prompted Senator Karanja to assert that the actions of the county government provided sufficient grounds for Governor Kihika’s removal from office.

The call for impeachment unfolded shortly after a patient, under treatment at the hospital, passed away on Wednesday morning. The County Government stands accused of disregarding a court order, exacerbating the already tense situation.

Senator Karanja did not mince words in her criticism of Governor Kihika, accusing her of inhumanity. Families with relatives admitted to the hospital continue to endure the fallout of the government’s intervention, and the Senator, speaking at a press conference in Naivasha, emphasized her duty to oversight.

Expressing concern over the erosion of investors’ confidence, Senator Karanja urged the Ministry of Health to intervene and prevent further loss of life due to the ongoing dispute. She underscored the legitimacy of the hospital’s land lease, attributing the crisis to individuals seeking to seize control of valuable property.

During the press conference, Senator Karanja, flanked by local leaders, conveyed condolences to the families who lost their loved ones and called for urgent intervention. She underscored the need for Members of County Assembly (MCAs) to take decisive action, asserting that ample grounds existed for Governor Kihika’s impeachment.

Drawing attention to the broader health sector in Nakuru, Senator Karanja painted a grim picture, noting the stagnation of multi-million health centers in Naivasha, Gilgil, Mai Mahiu, and Molo. These facilities, completed during the previous administration, remain unused, reflecting a downturn in the county’s healthcare system.

Senator Karanja attributed the decline to the dismissal of over 500 health workers in July of the previous year, replaced by personnel lacking proper qualifications. She criticized Governor Kihika for allegedly prioritizing the arrest of War Memorial Hospital investors over supporting local and external health investors, accusing the governor of false allegations.

Calling for a thorough investigation by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), and other relevant agencies, Senator Karanja expressed concerns about potential embezzlement of public funds. She emphasized the need to scrutinize how public resources were being utilized amid fears of mismanagement.

In her closing remarks, Senator Karanja addressed accusations of personal interest in the Governor’s position, affirming her commitment to oversight duties and safeguarding the rights of Nakuru County voters. She denounced what she described as Governor Kihika’s undermining of elected leaders and name-calling, vowing to fulfill her mandate without fear or favor.

As the crisis at War Memorial Hospital unfolds, the political landscape in Nakuru remains tense, with the fate of Governor Susan Kihika hanging in the balance amid calls for accountability and intervention in the healthcare sector.


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