Nuru Okanga Highlights Why He Joined Day School

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) fanatic Nuru Okanga have cleared the air on the reason behind him joining a day school instead of boarding. The ODM diehard is alleged to have joined St.Aquinas Ebuchinga Day School in Kakamega County after clearing his primary education last year. Okanga managed to score 401 marks after sitting for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE).

In a public statement via his Facebook page, Okanga expressed the critics as well as support he has been receiving since he declared his educational decisions. The ODM follower acknowledged that his marks allowed him to join a national school instead of a local one. However, he opted for a day school since his family needed his care and support.

“I have received hate and support in equal measures since I made it public that I have joined form one.I want to make it crystal clear that my marks was enough to join starehe boys and that was my wish but this is what made me join a day school..
*I have a family to cater for so hustle must go on.

*I have a school going kid that needs school fees and other necessities.

*My wife needs me , service muhimu­čśé ,so no way I could go in a boarding school .

*My kholera ward people and kenyans needs me too.
Now you know!,” Okanga wrote.

Credits: Nuru Okanga’s Facebook .

On Tuesday, the ODM fanatic shared his photos while donning a school uniform. Speaking to a section of bloggers, Okanga indicated that he had to delay his form one enrollment in order to engage in a corporate community work. The enthusiastic future politician took a whole week to donate books and other school amenities to local institutions.

Okanga stated that he would plead with the school principal to accord him ample time to spend with his family as well as pursue his political aspirations. According to him, the school should allow him to be leaving the premises at 4:00p.m instead of the normal 6:00p.m.

“I have decided to join day school since I must maintain my responsibility to my family. We’re supposed to be released at 6:00 pm but I will plead with the principal to leave by 4:00 pm so that I can also tend to matters of politics and also spend time with family,” he said.

Additionally, Okanga urged ODM party leader, Raila Odinga, to aid in facilitating his academic by paying his school fees and house rent. He vowed to continue supporting Raila in his political journey as we approach 2027 elections.


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