President Ruto’s Regrettable Utterances Ignite Uproar at International Politics

His Excellency President William Ruto has yet again had eyebrows raised on him by the Africa Judges and Jurists Forum (AJJF), for challenging the legality of the judicial arm of the government of Kenya.

This comes, at a time when the Head of State has continually been forming headlines inside and across the borders of Kenya for what is termed disobedient to the Kenyan Judiciary and its officers.

According to AJJF, President William Ruto’s controversial utterances, are without any doubt sending fear to the judicial officers; an action that will most likely interfere with subsequent court rulings. AJJF in a statement, felt that the sentiments made by the President shall pluck the trust the public has always implanted in the courts.

AJJF further termed Ruto’s utterances as those that are “intimidating judicial officers from exercising their functions impartially.”

Should the honorable courts rule in favor of the AJJF further indicated that the public will interpret it as ‘bowing to President Ruto’s threats,’ in the upcoming days when the cases pending in court like ‘Housing Levy’ and others will be heard.

The continued stating,

“Considering that the courts are currently seized with cases in which the legality of certain government policies is being challenged” independence of the Judiciary will be interfered with.

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