Form One Admissions Commence for the Last KCPE Cohort Amidst Ministerial Warnings on Fees and Uniforms

Over 1.4 Million Students Begin Secondary School Placement Process Nationwide

January 15, 2024

As the new academic year kicks off, more than 1.4 million learners who recently sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) are set to embark on the journey to their secondary education. This cohort marks the final group to undergo the KCPE examination, paving the way for a revamped education system.

Out of the staggering number of candidates, a notable 42,927 students successfully secured coveted spots in national schools. Of these, 22,051 are boys and 20,876 are girls, showcasing a balanced representation.

In addition to the national schools, 2,225 learners, comprising 1,214 boys and 1,011 girls, clinched places in Special Needs schools. The distribution continued with 274,746 candidates, 141,590 boys, and 133,156 girls, gaining entry into Extra County schools. Meanwhile, 288,201 students, consisting of 129,332 boys and 158,869 girls, secured placement in County schools.

The majority, a staggering 792,230 learners, of which 423,171 are boys and 369,059 are girls, found places in Sub-County schools. The placement strategy ensured that candidates who scored 400 marks and above were allocated spots in either National or Extra County schools, based on their preferences.

The selection process emphasized academic performance as a crucial factor for securing positions in secondary schools. However, as these 1.4 million students prepare to join their respective institutions, concerns about overcrowding in public schools loom large.

Education Cabinet Secretary, Ezekiel Machogu, emphasized the importance of adherence to admission instructions for Form One. Machogu specifically cautioned against school heads compelling parents to purchase uniforms from specific outlets, urging them to allow flexibility in uniform choices.

In a stern warning, the Cabinet Secretary reminded school heads not to impose extra levies on parents. Machogu asserted that any violation of the Ministry of Education’s policies on fee payments would not go unpunished, with principals held accountable for any transgressions.

Highlighting the economic challenges faced by many parents, Machogu declared that the boarding fees charged in public secondary schools would remain unchanged in 2024. He made it clear that any attempts to increase fees without express approval from his office would be met with consequences.

“If any monkey business is done anywhere, the information will come. Parents are undergoing difficult financial challenges. Unless there is express approval from my office, no fee increase should happen. If I get it [that] has been increased, you [principals] will be the first victims,” warned CS Machogu.

The Minister further urged schools not to issue new circulars demanding additional fees, emphasizing the need for institutions to operate within the set guidelines.

As the new academic session begins, the implementation of these directives will play a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth transition for the last cohort of KCPE candidates, offering them a fair and supportive start to their secondary education journey.


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