Karen Nyamu Joining Samidoh on Stage During New Year’s Performance Ignites Fans Reactions

Like billions of people across the globe normally do; spending special moments with loved ones during every new-year-crossover, Karen Nyamu was seen having treasurable moments with her baby daddy Samidoh despite the rumors circulating like winter clouds that the duo is no longer an item.

Their being pictured together at renowned Mugithi crooner Samidoh’s New Year performance in some event held at Nokras Riverline, Sagana, wowed their fans.

Taking all pride of owning the ‘Mumbi’ hitmaker, the Kenyan lawyer-cum-politician Karen Nyamu shared proof of a short video clip on her Instagram stories. In the video, the beautiful brown Karen Nyamu is seen walking in countable steps onto the stage immediately Samidoh put a full stop to his first performance.

Photo: Samidoh & Karen Nyamu

As vividly displayed on the clip, Karen Nyamu admirably donned a green, short pencil dress which arguably ignited unmeasurable smile on Samidoh’s face upon having eye contact with his baby mama.

Looking convinced to accommodate his lover beside him on the podium, the Mugithi crooner allowed Mrs. Nyamu to have her moment with the fans, a scenario which saw Karen Nyamu raining loads of greetings to their fans who were already cheering after they saw her stepping up on stage.

Here is the link to the video.


Is the love between the two moving upwards on the curve?


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