Diamond Warns Men Against Pursuing Zuchu’s Heart

Tanzanian renowned musician Diamond Platnumz, dubbed ‘Simba’, has warned men against seducing lover Zuchu. The singer went ahead to share confidential text messages sent to Zuchu on social media by hungry men who are restlessly salivating to win Zuchu’s love.

Possessing the virtue of protectiveness towards his soulmate Zuchu, Diamond made it sky clear that he is very informed and stays alert to face any man hungrily infringing on his territory.

As evidence that has ignited fire on his long silence, the ‘My Number One’ hitmaker, revealed that his fiance Zuchu shared with him some messages that asked Zuchu to seek him once she woke up.

Photo: Diamond and Zuchu Looking Beautiful in black

“Give me a call when you’re up..” Diamond revealed, one of the messages read so.

Despite him being so open to issuing warnings against scavengers tiptoeing into their relationship, Zuchu; during some interview in 2023 failed to identify herself with Diamond’s name as the only lover she has exclusively given a space in her heart chambers.

Therefore, millions of their fans have been left wondering whether the bond that connects the relationship between Zuchu and Diamond is indeed defined as romance.

This lamentation of an invader does not only come from Diamond’s side. We similarly had Zuchu crying over insecurity in her relationship, as she revealed last year 2023 that there’s a ‘fly’ aimlessly moving into her backyard of love.

Could there be a bomb in wait to explode in Zuchu and Diamond’s love room?


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