Stivo Simple Unveils His New Catch, Promises To Marry Her

“Broke” Stivo Simple Boy and upcoming artist Diana Wairimu alias Wanja Kihii have left Kenyans in stitches after confirming their affection towards each other.

Wanja Kihii had previously confessed her love towards Simple Boy after she learnt that Mary Wangeshi aka Kaveve Kazoze had turned down the “Freshi Barida” hitmaker’s proposal. Simple Boy had professed his love towards Ngesh as he expressed his desire to marry her. However, she indicated that she wasn’t interested with Simple Boy’s offer.

Later on, the pair was engaged by bloggers in a joint interview where they confirmed that they are madly in love with each other. Simple Boy introduced Wanja Kihii as his new catch and promised to marry her. On inquiry whether the whole relationship saga was a stunt, the duo stated that they were truly in love with each other.

“Sisi si vyakula, Sisi ni wapenzi, tunapendana,” Simple Boy told one of the bloggers who interjected on the kind of relationship the two were engaging in.

Wanja Kihii outlined the artist’s attributes as she claimed that he can make a good husband. She revealed that she is ready to change her name from Wanja Kihii to Simple Girl.

Wanja Kihii has been trending since she released her new track dubbed as “Zebra”. In her new song, the content creator who currently poses as a musician, dissed renown artists such as Khaligraph Jones and Diamond Platnumz.


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