Blogger Edgar Obare Apologizes To Vera Sidika After Inaccurate Reportage

Renown blogger Edgar Obare has been forced to apologize to socialite Vera Sidika after he alleged that the socialite’s Dubai trip was financed by a married Russian tycoon.

On Saturday, Obare shared a tweet claiming that the mother of two was in Dubai to meet with her alleged lover in Jumeirah. The blogger made fun of the socialite’s hubby, musician Brown Mauzo, claiming that he shouldn’t see the post as he will discover the whereabouts of his wife.

“A source alleges that the mother of two, Vera Shikwekwe, flew to Dubai to reunite with her married Russian tycoon in Jumeirah and demanded not to be served by the East African employees as she is a celebrity. Brown Mauzo asione hii,” Obare’s tweet read.

However, the tea spilling guru was forced to withdraw his statement on Sunday after he learnt that his source was not reliable. He apologized to Vera as he acknowledged that his earlier statement was incorrect as the socialite had already clarified the matter by providing receipts.

“We apologize for the incorrect report of retired socialite Vera Sidika Dubai trip being sponsored by a Russian tycoon, she responded and provided us receipts,” the blogger tweeted.

Later on, the socialite affirmed that she has accepted Obare’s apology as she warned him against repeating the same mistake in future. She advised the blogger to report stories based on facts, proofs and receipts instead of spreading rumors from fake accounts of people who hate her. Additionally, the socialite issued a strict warning to any blogger who will report inaccurate information about her as they will face the wrath of law.


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