Justina Syokau Exposes Mystery Baby Daddy

In a shocking revelation, gospel musician Justina Syokau has bravely exposed the identity of her elusive baby daddy after years of keeping it a secret. The “Twendi Twendi” hitmaker took to social media on Thursday to share her heart-wrenching story, shedding light on the struggles she has faced as a single mother and the difficulties of co-parenting with her famous ex-husband.

The singer disclosed that her baby daddy is none other than Johnstone Vundi Musyoka, who happens to be the brother of Kenyan politician Kalonzo Musyoka.

“Am tired of faking. I’m not ok. My X’s name is Johnstone Vundi Musyoka, brother to kalonzo Musyoka,” Syokau said with tears in her eyes.

Justina explained that she had tied the knot with Johnstone in June 2012, and they welcomed their son, Nickson Musyoka Vundi, in 2013. However, their marriage was short-lived, with the singer citing infidelity and abuse as the main reasons for their separation.

He married me 2012 June, chased me 2013 August. Together we got a son by the name Nickson Musyoka Vundi,” continued Syokau’s revelation. “He chased me out of our matrimonial home,” she added.

In her candid Instagram post, Justina expressed her frustration with living a lie and hiding the truth about her baby daddy’s identity. She went on to reveal the heartbreaking series of events that led to their separation, including mistreatment from her mother-in-law and emotional abuse from her ex-husband.

According to the singer, trouble began when she gave birth to their son, and her mother-in-law started interfering in their relationship. She alleged that her husband’s mother insisted that he should not take responsibility for their child, which ultimately led to their marriage falling apart. Despite their efforts to salvage the relationship, the emotional and physical abuse took a toll on Justina, pushing her to seek help from the court.

We separated because he was beating me. He used not to support me. He humiliated me a lot. I got depressed in my own house. I could not come out because people knew us, I could not even tell people what went wrong, I kept quiet…” lamented Syokau.

In court, she fought for child support, and the judgment ordered her ex-husband to pay upkeep for their son. However, Justina claimed that her ex-husband stopped providing financial support for Nixon, leaving her to shoulder the responsibility of raising their child alone. She also accused him of funding social media attacks against her, adding to her emotional distress.

“This man he removed his son from NHIF card, stopped paying monthly support…” Added Syokau in her long list of lamentations.

Despite all the challenges, Justina remained resilient and focused on her music career, finding solace in her faith. The singer’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the struggles single parents face in society, especially when the other parent neglects their responsibilities.

Justina’s heartbreaking narrative has garnered immense support from her fans and followers, who have rallied behind her, sending messages of encouragement and empathy. Her openness and honesty have sparked a broader conversation about the importance of supporting single parents and ensuring that children receive the care they deserve from both parents.

The story has also reignited discussions about the need for DNA testing to establish paternity and ensure that children receive the necessary support from their biological fathers. Justina’s call for a DNA test has resonated with many, and there is hope that her plea will lead to a resolution in the ongoing child support dispute. She remains steadfast in her commitment to raising her son and providing him with a bright future, despite the challenges she has endured.


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