TikToker Brian Chira Arrested After Defaming Azziad Nasenya

TikToker and self proclaimed mother of all scandals Brian Chira has plunged himself in hot soup after hurling derogatory sentiments to the tiktok sensation Azziad Nasenya.

Chira has since been arrested following the defamatory statements he made in a TikTok video against the Tik Tok Queen. In the video shared all over social media, Chira is heard saying highly offensive words against Azziad which were verily defamatory. He went ahead and shared Azziad’s number on social media to his followers.

Azziad through her lawyer revealed that for the past one week, she has been receiving numerous insults from Chira’s followers through calls and sms. According to the lawyer, the investigating officer and the DCI will carry out investigations inorder to take the next step which involves charging Chira before a court of law.

Chira has always found himself brushing shoulders with fellow celebrities due to his tendency of creating scandals by dragging fellows in the limelight. For this reason, many celebrities distance themselves from him.


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