Sudanese War: Kenya Seeks U.S. Support for Resolution

Kenya’s National Security Advisor, Monica Juma, has contacted the U.S. Government in an effort to end the ongoing Sudanese conflict. In a phone conversation with U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, they explored potential measures both nations could take to address the humanitarian crisis in Sudan and restore democracy.

Juma and Sullivan discussed a range of topics including the increasing humanitarian crisis, the war in Sudan, promoting democratic processes, the impact of the climate crisis, and the anticipated Africa Climate Summit in September 2023. Juma stressed the need for the U.S. to pay closer attention to evolving situations in the Horn of Africa.

This diplomatic conversation occurred following a challenge by Sudan Armed Forces General Yasser Al-Atta to Kenyan President William Ruto, calling for direct military confrontation. Al-Atta has previously accused Kenya of financially backing the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) intent on seizing Khartoum.

Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua stated that Kenya hadn’t yet responded to these provocations, pending a thorough understanding of the context. The Al-Atta-led faction has rejected Ruto’s peace mediation efforts, alleging bias due to supposed links with RSF’s General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo.

Ruto, previously endorsed as a mediator by the Intergovernmental Authority for Development (IGAD), appealed for unhindered operation of humanitarian agencies to help mitigate suffering. The ongoing war in Sudan, which began in April, arose from a power struggle post the 2019 removal of President Omar al-Bashir, and has led to numerous civilian casualties.


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