Dancer David Moya Denies Romantic Links with Sofire

Kenyan businesswoman Sofire and dancer David Moya have set the record straight on rumors surrounding their alleged romantic relationship. Sofire’s spokesperson, Cassypool, clarified that the two are business partners, and any speculation about a romantic involvement is baseless. Their contract merely ended, coinciding with David’s plan to sell his spa.

Sofire herself emphasized that they have never been romantically involved and urged people to stop spreading unfounded rumors. She pointed out that neither she nor David has ever stated that they are in a relationship, and unless they officially announce it, such claims should be treated as mere gossip.

Previously, there were accusations that Moya was being financed by Sofire, which stemmed from rumors that his car was repossessed by her. However, Moya dismissed these claims on his Instagram, stating that he was unfazed by the rumors and saw no need to address them. He made it clear that rumors are just that—rumors—and he would only clarify matters if they were more serious.

In a separate interview, Moya addressed speculations about the shift in his video content, particularly the reduced number of videos featuring surprises for market traders and the less fortunate. Some had assumed that Moya had shifted his focus to his businesses, but he refuted these claims, saying that some people lacked authenticity in their assessments. He revealed that he currently runs his foundation, dedicated to helping those in need in society.

Overall, both Sofire and Moya have emphasized the importance of disregarding baseless rumors and focusing on verified information about their lives and businesses. They have clarified their professional relationship and called for an end to the spread of unfounded gossip.


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