Zari Hassan Hints On Siring A Kid With New Hubby

While snubbing her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz on Father’s Day, Zari Hassan showered her new hubby Shakib Cham with praises as she hinted on siring an additional kid with him.

Zari wished Shakib a happy father’s day as she described him as the best father to his kid from the previous relationship. The Ugandan socialite also promised to sire one more kid with him.

“Happy Father’s day my king, father of 1, hope we make it 2 inshallah,” the insta story read.

Despite having sired two kids with the Tanzanian bongo star, the mother of three didn’t pen any wishes to him to mark the occasion. This could be a tit for tat game as Diamond didn’t wish his baby mamas a happy Mother’s Day. Zari and Diamond split in 2018 after four years of what the billionaire socialite termed as “bitter sweet.”

This announcement comes a month after Zari and Shakib’s private low-key Islamic wedding which was held in South Africa. In an interview, Zari previously revealed that her recent wedding was the first legal union that she has ever engaged in.

Their relationship has being facing scrutiny from people due to their age difference. However, Zari has always defended their affair by admitting that Shakib is a grown-up who can always make his decision without coercion.


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