Eric Omondi Leaves Netizens In Stitches After Donning Pampers

From his witty political banters to insightful economic assessments, Eric Omondi has mastered tactics of capturing his fans attention. The comedian turned philanthropist has left social media users in stitches after donning on a pampers as he demonstrated how the government is forcing taxes on citizens.

The comedian’s recent contents are directed to the current regime due to the high cost of living as well as imposition of high taxes. In his Instagram, Omondi shared a video which showcased a lady dubbed as Digda Aboo forcing a drink on him. While rocking on pampers only, the comedian screamed for help but Aboo continued with her mission. The drink messed Omondi’s body but the harsh lady didn’t care about the results.

“Vile hii Serikali ina force Taxes down our throats,” the caption read.

Credits: screengrab of Omondi’s Instagram

A week ago, Omondi hit the headlines after his sudden trip at the United Kingdom. The comedian intended to prove a point to Cabinet Secretary of Trade, Moses Kuria, after he claimed to have sponsored the comedian’s trip seven years ago. The self-proclaimed president of comedy Africa revealed that he was visiting UK just to have a lunch as he is currently stable financially.

During his tour, Omondi turned into an international beggar on the streets of London. He acknowledged the fact that he had to raise funds in order to buy food stuffs for hungry Kenyans as well as the much needed laptops for upcoming content creators. The comedian revealed that he managed to raise Sh.340,000. The unpredicted shift proved that the former Churchill Show comedian is ready to go beyond measures in his philanthropic acts.


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