Bahati and Diana Get Officially Engaged on Father’s Day

“Diana has been so special to me in so many ways” explained Bahati as to why he celebrated his wife on Father’s Day.

As The African Watch reported in a recent post, Bahati and his wife Diana Marua who is also known as Diana Bahati, or Mrs. Bahati took to social media on Father’s Day, 18th June 2023 to treat their followers to their unique brand of public displays of affection (PDA): (click link to catch up on more details)

The couple celebrated the global holiday in a way that many would deem unconventional, reason being that instead of the wife or other family members wishing Bahati, the father, a happy Father’s Day as the rest of the world does, Bahati himself ended up categorically wishing his dear wife a Happy Father’s Day much to the amazement of social media users and the general public. The startling turn of events did not end there, Bahati went on to declare that his wife, who only wished him a Happy Father’s Day as a comment following Bahati’s lamenting that was also backed by most of the social media users who commented, was reluctant to excitedly send him her wishes because to the best of our knowledge, it had been one and a half years since he’d gifted her last.

That was until this afternoon 19th June 2023 when at 3pm the Bahatis went live on their YouTube Channels to broadcast Bahati’s Father’s Day gift to his wife Diana.

“On this Father’s Day I felt like Diana has been so special to me in so many ways,” said Bahati in the YouTube video of him gifting Diana.

He went on to explain reasons why he felt very appreciative of Diana’s presence and efforts in his life stating that the main motivation is because he’d been working on so many projects within the past one year, including his attempt to clinch the Member of Parliament (MP) seat for Mathare Constituency in Kenya’s latest general elections held in August 2022.

Bahati explaining in his gazebo at their home explaining why he celebrated the wife on Father’s Day

Bahati hooked up his wife with an amazing classy inhouse make up treat at their home while he went out to buy her Apple products at shop called iPhone Street in Pioneer building on Kenyatta Avenue.

“Nafikiria nafikiria nafikiria, heh, hii gifts za leo, gifts za leo..unajua niliona juzi Diana aki complain ooh sijui ooh, skuizi simnunulii vitu kama kitambo, ooh, nashangaa nishamnunulia gari, nishamnunulia nyumba, ni nini ingine anataka. Eeh na si ati niko na pesa ya private jet sai” added Bahati while shopping at iPhone Street.

Diana on the other hand was enjoying the queen treatment at their home, “Hey guys. What’s up everybody? So, uh huh, hm, hm, I am ecited, let me put it that way, uuhh today was so unexpected,” said Diana in the middle of her make up session.

“I’m nervous. Let me, let me just be honest. I don’t know what Baha has planned, uuh it’s Father’s Day, and uh he’s actually treating me on Father’s Day, guys, how, interesting is that.”

Upon wrapping up his errands, Bahati went home where he shared some sentimental moments in the house with his wife, showing off their drip before stepping out of the house at which point Diana closed her eyes following Bahati’s instructions in anticipation of a surprise. At Bahati’s command she opened her eyes to find their lovely 5-year-old daughter Heaven Bahati holding a big bouquet of red and white roses which she received with a lot of excitement, going ahead to explain to their daughter that she appreciates the treat even though it’s an unorthodox gesture as it was a Father’s Day.

“Hi my love, is this for mommy? Ahaa, do you know it’s Father’s Day, it’s not even Mother’s Day, you got some flowers for me, these are so beautiful,” said Diana, “You are the best mommy in the world,” said Heaven, to which Diana responded, “For being the best mommy in the world? Come here, and you are the best daughter in the world, I love you so much.” Heaven said a word of prayer for the family before Bahati whisked his better half away in a sparkling white Mercedes saloon vehicle to the gift of the day.

They arrived on location and alighted their vehicle where Diana had to close her eyes as Bahati held her hand and guided her to the final destination a few feet ahead. An emotional Mrs. Bahati opened her eyes upon Bahti’s greenlight after he’d spoken some words of affection to her, to find herself in a romantic set up complete with red rose petals, white pillows and classy white throw blankets, as well as snacks and drinks for lovebirds, and candles. It was a picnic on a nicely crafted floatation device in the middle of a large water body. Filled with tears of joy in her eyes, Mrs. Diana was jovial and she couldn’t hide it.

Lost for words, she hugged her husband while sniffling, “Thank you baby,” said Diana, “I am loved unconditionally,” she said while facing the camera.

Bahati proceeded to present the boxed and wrapped gifts to his love. “Unataka kufungulia mbele ya camera ama home” They ended up unwrapping the gifts right there after enjoying some berries and romantic moments.

“And even baby before I open this gift, I just want to let you know that I love you, unconditionally, and I wish there was something greater, or bigger than the word love, just to tell you how much I adore you, I treasure you, I appreciate you, and thank  you for making my life the best ever,” said Diana.

Diana went on to pour more words of affirmation for Bahati before they kissed after which she opened the gifts with Bahati cheering her on. She was ecstatic when beneath the red and white rose petals which concealed the gift inside the box, lay a boxed iPhone Pro. Mrs. Bahati took some time to unwrap the gift and check it out while verbally expressing her appreciation as Bahati busked in the allure of his African beauty and her kind loving words, until he dropped jaw-dropper.

“You have given me your heart, for real and from the bottom of my heart I don’t take it for granted. One thing that I want to do, so much, so much, uuhhh, this year, is, I just want to,make sure that I make it right, you know, I, I, I, want to make sure that, I know I’ve gone to your family for that introduction, but this year I want us to do, a real wedding, and I want to marry you, okay.”

Bahati elaborated his intentions further. While he warapped it up, he popped a pink engagement ring case. Even before he opened it, Diana Marua burst into tears of joy which she’d fought back for a long moment. Bahati stood up from a sitting posture and went down on one knee with Diana fanning her face with her left arm in a futile attempt to fight her tears.

“Uh, will you marry me?” a calm and composed Bahati asked.

By this time Diana was sobbing, failing to fight her tears and cries, “Oh my God, Oh my God, come here,” said Diana as she waved at Bahati to come in for a hug, “Oh my goodness, oh my God, oh,” she added before finally finding the words to accept the proposal, “Yes, yes, a million and one times. She cried even more when Bahati finally managed to gently put the ring on her finger, “Oh wow, oh wo, this is so beautiful, oh my goodness. I love you, and thank you, I don’t have the right words,” said the overjoyed Diana, “ now it’s so real, now its gonna happen,” added the half-muffling soon to be wedded Diana.

The lovely fiancés concluded their lovely day out with cake, roses, kisses, and hopes for a happy forever after.


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