“WCB Tunaoa Mwaka Huu”-Diamond Hints At Settling down This Year

One of Diamond Platnumz’s managers in WCB, Don Fumbwe, tied the knot last weekend in a private muslim wedding and the WCB CEO seems to have been hit by a reality that he might end up being the only single man in the group, and for that reason, he is eyeing Fumbwe’s footsteps.

The Zuwena hitmaker expressed his desire to get married most probably before end of this year saying that him alongside other single men in WCB have decided on the same. While extending his best wishes for Don, Diamond announced, for the fourth time now, that he is now ready to settle down. It should be noted that he never fulfilled his previous marriage promises to his exes, Wema Sepetu, his ‘favorite’, Zari Hassan and Tanasha Donna.

“This year, as Wasafi, we have all decided that those of us who are not married will tie the knot. Get ready for contributions because some will marry individually, some as couples, and some as threesomes. Our brother Don Dumbwe has set the ball rolling.”He captioned a post on his insta stories.

However, it is still unknown to people the kind of a woman that will sweep Diamond off the streets. Fans are speculating the mysterious Mrs. Diamond is likely to be Ghanaian musician Fantana or Tanzania’s Zuchu. Diamond recently shared a passionate kiss with Fantana during the netflix series, Young famous and African. In addition, Fantana confirmed that Diamond told her he was single before getting into a relationship with him. Since Fantana’s open claims that she is dating Diamond, there has never been proof to indicate so.

On this year’s Father’s day, Zuchu also sent Diamond flowers, a mug, and a card showing her appreciation for him for always caring for his children as she termed him as her ‘dzaddy’, explaining that she loves him and admires his bond with his children. Whether or not, Platnumz will keep his promise this year, is absolutely known to him.


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