Meet Catherine And Alex, a Couple Who Met Online, Currently Having a Daughter: Happily Married

He who finds a wife finds a good thing. Alex Mutunga as of today, is among the luckiest individuals who can affirm that in deed it doesn’t matter where you find your rib for it can be on the streets, at the church, school etcetera.

On a beautiful fateful day in September 2019, Mr Alex had his days in bachelorhood fading slowly but sure. He met this most beautiful woman on earth; it was his day to catch one only existing fish at the Indian ocean.

The moment he casted his nets into the waters just like every fisherman does, came out with the net Catherine Mwende. One who was created to be his lifetime comforter.

Uniquely, neither Alex nor Catherine were destined to spend expensively on fare to physically meet. Therefore, no amount of sweat would see them meeting at a physical place as destiny only wanted the duo to both have phones at hand to stir a conversation that would lead to marriage.

While advising the single ladies, Mrs Mwende who is currently a mother of one happily married to Mr Alex told ladies that you don’t need to hunt far away from home or near.

Based on her sweet experience, she believes one can find a soulmate anywhere under the sun.

She said:

You can get your spouse anywhere, even at a burial ceremony. I met my husband online in September 2019, he paid my dowry in January 2020 and we have a daughter now,” 29-year-old Catherine Mwende has said.

We have been together for three years now. I am happy that I met Alex Mutunga, a man of God. He is a pastor and there is a clothes business that we are running together.” She added.

Catherine further advised single ladies who are ready to settle down to pray, be freely but consciously mingle and avail themselves when they receive invites for events.

However, her one last focus she laid on disagreements that normally come as great challenge to marriage.

She addressed it by saying it’s inescapable but love, forgiveness and submission wraps it all.

Ukitulia kwa marriage, kuwa faithful and you focus, your marriage will last. Kukosana ni kawaida, petty issues, lakini mnasameheana na kusonga mbele. Upendo bado uko. Kuna mtu akikasirika, hatapikia bwanake, hataosha nguo zake. Hizo sio vitu za kuvunja ndoa. Mnakaa chini na kuongea.”

What would you say about her pieces of advices?


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