RHO Nairobi Star, Susan Kaitanny, Has Lamented On Being Skinny-Shamed.

Kenyan actress and model, Susan Kaittany, has been facing criticism in social media on his body size where some people think that she is too thin.

The RHO Nairobi reality show actress and the CEO of renown beauty spa, Posh Palace, has responded to her body critics in an Instagram post.

In the post that she termed as “Real Talk”, she lamented on being skinny shamed in which she indicated that as a queen she is proud of herself.

Some of her followers consoled her in the comment section as some of them indicated that they have experienced such too.

The following are some of the comments:

benimakena lamented on being body shamed where she was termed as ” giraffe” but her father always stood by her.

refilwe_koki is a young girl who noted that she has been experiencing the same even from people close to her.

Kaitanny and her fellow cast, Minne Kariuki has been beefing on each other which has led to Kariuki nicknaming Kaitanny as little birdie.

She also once referred to Kaitanny as a “flamingo” on one of the posts on Instagram.

This is because most of Kaitanny’s outfits are covered with feathers.

Kariuki’s tendency of skinny shaming Kaitanny spiced up the trolls she has been facing on social media.


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