County Government of Meru to Hold Prayers Three times a Week Among Staff

Meru County Governor Kawira Mwangaza through a poster on his Facebook page, made it official that county staff of Meru will be participating in prayers on selected days of the week.

This, he made clear while announcing new application schedule for all employees of the county.

The above suggestions are expected to begin implementation starting today Monday the 13th, March, 2023.

The above information comes just a few days after unverified grapevine circulated shortly over the internet, that country boss Dr. William Ruto has given orders to the staff of statehouse to do weekly prayers on some selected days.

Should this plan of Governor Mwangaza commence, the staff members of Meru county shall be having regular devotions every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in every week.

Different persons upon getting and internalizing this information, have reacted to it giving diverse viewpoints.

A section of the people are reminding the Meru county head that people are free to worship wherever they want whatsoever time they choice.

As a result, they opine that prayers should not be forceful but a voluntary matter to employees.

The following are a few comments of people concerning the matter:

As long as you don’t make it necessary. Don’t start arguing with county employees who miss those application periods.” One wrote.

Another one added, “Every Kenyan has the freedom to worship. They can choose to belong to the religious denomination you subscribe to, or they can choose not to participate.”

Despite getting negative response on the new push, Kawira Mwangaza also got some few people holding his back.

Someone positively wrote in response: “Mr. Governor Mr. Kawira Mwangaza, with prayer everything is possible, we believe… But my Governor of Meru County, we of different faiths are thinking of inviting others.”

In your own view, what would you suggest for the leadership of County of Meru regarding the prayer matter?


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