High Expectations Ahead Of Gachagua’s Discussion With Meru Leaders

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is scheduled to meet with Meru leaders in his Nairobi office today.

The meeting’s agenda is to resolve a long-standing feud between Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza and County Assembly members.

For the first time since the impeachment, the governor and MCAs will face each other.

President William Ruto tasked the DP with putting an end to the feud that saw 69 MCAs out of 70 vote to impeach Governor Kawira, accusing her of making irregular appointments and vilifying leaders, among other things. Kawira avoided impeachment after Senators declared that the charges against her could not be proven.

Gachagua has previously met with the governor, MCAs, and MPs in an attempt to break the impasse between the Executive and the legislature. Kawira is expected to lead a three-member delegation, while Speaker Ayub Bundi will bring three MCAs to the meeting to discuss and resolve the contentious issues.

Deputy Speaker Ali Mwenda, who represents Igembe, Majority Whip Jim Muchui, who represents Tigania, and the sponsor of the impeachment motion, Dennis “DMK” Kiogora, who represents Imenti, will accompany Mr. Bundi.

The Speaker claimed that although there was a misunderstanding, there were no personal issues between the MCAs and the governor.

“The MCAs didn’t have any problems with the Governor right away. What just occurred was a misunderstanding; the governor thought he should be the one to start discussions regarding growth, according to Bundi.

The ward fund, he claimed, was the main point of disagreement.

“In 2013, a precedent was made with this. I was the majority leader at the time. At that point, the county government was collecting Sh6.2 billion, and the governor (Peter Munya) granted us a ward fund of Sh25 million. “Though it had its problems, when (immediate former Governor) Kiraitu came in he started offering Sh20 million,” Bundi said, adding that they anticipated Kawira to carry on the custom.

The governor’s ability to contribute to the ward fund was all that the members wanted to know, he claimed. Bundi made it clear that MCAs wouldn’t be engaged in the ward projects’ procurement.

Because this individual sits among the people, he or she is aware of the community’s problems, he or she said. “All that the area MCA does is just sit in the community and assist in the identification of the project,” he added.

The ward equalization fund was mentioned as one of the concerns that needed to be resolved on Monday by Majority Leader Muchai.

We need to put our problems down on writing, he added, adding that we want a ward equalization money.

MCA Kiagu Simon Ngaruni, who was against the impeachment motion, stated that he anticipates that the problems will be handled so that things may proceed.

“I anticipate that all issues will be resolved; continuing the fight will jeopardize progress. However, I also anticipate being rehired for the house committees. I ought to be reinstated if there is reconciliation, remarked Ngaruni.


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