CS Kindiki’s Tough Statement To Azimio Regarding Nationwide Protests

The Azimio la Umoja camp has been cautioned by Interior Cabinet Secretary Professor Kithure Kindiki to refrain from disrupting any businesses or breaking the law during their protests.

Kindiki said in a speech on Monday in Nairobi that while the opposition has the right to protest, any type of anarchy will not be accepted.

Politicians come from a variety of backgrounds, some of them from the opposition, but it is my responsibility to hear what they have to say about what they believe needs to be done to make our nation secure overall. They are free to practice their politics elsewhere. I have no business being involved in any demonstrations that some of them are performing. But only if they maintain law and order.

“The full might of the ministry of interior will be brought to bear on them on the day they attempt to break the law, breach the peace, or stir public disorder. They are permitted to hold protests as long as they respect property and avoid upsetting customers, he said.

In recent days, President Ruto’s administration has been under attack from Raila. At a demonstration on Sunday in Kibera, the former prime minister criticized the Ruto administration and demanded that it resign.

The leader of the opposition asserted that Ruto was attempting to replace the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) with naive commissioners susceptible to government influence. They were occupied with attempting to grab the meal while the owners were fast asleep. They were unaware that the owners were awake and on the prowl when we arrived, said Raila.


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