Flaqo And Keranta Celebrates Third Anniversary Of Their Lowkey Relationship

Comedian Erastus Otieno Ayieko best known as Flaqo is celebrating the third anniversary with his girlfriend Keranta, after having successfully convinced fans that there have bever been any ties between them.

This is the first time the two have come out clean about their affair as they have continually denied even when speculations were highly on a rise.Flaqo even went ahead ahead to say that they are just content creators and what they had in common was a manager.

The couple penned romantic messages for each other on social as they narrated a short recap of their journey.

Flaqo described Keranta as the person whose mindset aligned with his as Keranta noted that Flaqo is her type.

“3rd Year around the sun still with you .Thanking God for all the good and the bad and for making us so imperfect.Giving you and i same mindset.I appreciate you heavily for i know you are indeed a God-given gift.The happy times,sad times,the “breakups” ,the makeups…the bestie bestie periods.I just thank God for you for giving me the most understanding and my type of person by my side for years..All i ever wanted is a kalulu, year 3 and we still are Kalulu .I love you so much and always will put God for us.Happy Anniversary Baby❤️🥂To a lifetime of Happy Anniversaries❤️😍.” Wrote Flaqo.

In a rejoinder Keranta had this to say;

“Because you can’t find a Sane Person Just take your actual type..Cringy,insane and full of embarrassment.”

We wish them Well.

Flaqo and Keranta

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