Pritty Vishy: Stivo Didn’t Want to Sleep With Me When Dating, I Can’t Miss Him

Pritty Vishy reveals she doesn’t miss ex-fiance Stivo Simple Boy because of scarcity of romance the rapper put her through during their dating time.

The young TikToker while disclosing her innermost kept secrets, told Milele FM in an interview that her failed relationship with Simple Boy hit rocks when it comes to bedtimes.

The fact that Simple Boy never met her bed demands, according to Pritty Vishy, describes the ‘mihadarati’ hitmaker very childishly behaved during their dating time.

Having not left any legacy in that case, makes him have not even a minute space in Pritty’s mind for remembrance.

Kenye atafanya ndo itafanya ata akitoka ndo unammiss. Lakini the moment the man behaves like a child you can’t miss him,” Pritty Vishy said.

Apart from being deprived of her conjugal rights which Stivo claimed that it was because they were not yet married, Pritty lamented to Milele FM presenter Ankali Ray that his ex-lover could not even afford offering her a simple hug.

She claimed, “Mwanaume ambaye ata hawezi kuhug, hamwezi kufanya ngona kwa sababu munangojea ndoa. Kama basi munangojea ndoa kitu kama hug, pampering you know.”

Funnily, Vishy claimed that Simple boy was peripherally illiterate and this adversely contributed to less romantic texting between them.

Hatukua tunatext since hakua anajua kuchat,” she added.

However, she claimed to have had mentored Stivo gradually tutoring him so he may know how to use his phone keyboard so well.

The efforts proven so helpful but not on her side, as Stivo could extend his overwhelming chatting knowledge to reach out to multiple ladies whom he claimed to be his video vixens.

Vishy said, “Ndo nkaanza kumfunza akajua pole pole so the moment alijua kuanza kuchat nkapata alikua anachat na waschana wengine anasema ni mavixens. Wanaambiana hadi venye sijui watapatana wapi.”

With Vishy keeping on mentioning the name of Simple Boy every daybreak, are they yet to launch their lost moments?


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