Ruto Provides A List Of Actions Performed To Improve Police Welfare

The administration has taken a number of steps to improve the terms of employment, working conditions, and welfare of police officers, according to President William Ruto.

Ruto talked about the recent improvements he has made to the police force. He stated in Embakasi on Wednesday, “I just created a task committee to assess the terms of service for the police and prison officers.

The terms of service and employment of our police officers and prison officers will be significantly improved, according to their findings and suggestions, which must be both clear and actionable. Also according to Ruto, cops will now have access to health insurance by the end of January.

In order to guarantee that all police officers and their families have access to high-quality medical treatments, including mental health and psycho-social assistance, he said, “the provider of health insurance coverage has been competitively contacted.” He claimed that in order to provide them and their families with a favorable atmosphere, police were also taken into consideration for the inexpensive housing project.

To guarantee that military members live honorably in tidy, roomy, secure homes, he said, “we have designated police officers as priority beneficiaries of the inexpensive housing project.”

This will significantly help us follow through on our promise to alleviate the housing problem affecting police officers.


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