Fans Salivating for Mitchelle Ntalami’s Overgrown Curvy Backside

Marini Natural CEO Michelle Ntalami has been showing her body off lately to the public sphere, leaving social media immensely blazing.

The famous business woman has not been having boundaries and conditions in showing off the work of God on her body and this time, she threw hot amazing pictures of her curvy hips on her Instagram page; pictures that she took while in a vacation at Madagascar.

This action left fan base wallowing in series of tremors, sparkling mixed reactions from her fans that were left salivating for her overgrown backside.

As usual, hundreds of Kenyans did misplace their pens hence found funny comments to drop below Michelle Ntalami’s post.

Here are some comments;

djtouchthesky_’Dope super fleshy lit Giant slayer.’

alyroza3_’Slide 2 and 4 are just too good to talk about. Awesome and Gorgeous figure with great body structure. Can’t believe my eyes’

Of late, there have been many celebrities facing questions of artificial body adjustment with quite a number going for addition of backside while others spend hugely in seeing that they cut a lot of weight.

Some celebrities who have faced questions over their enhanced backsides include Manzi wa Kibera among others. Manzi on her side, denied it in several occasions before admitting later that she takes pills to enhance it.


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