Baha Comes to Defend Girlfriend Georgina Njega Over Leaked Nude Video: Fans Salivating

Veteran actor Tyler Mbaya popularly known as Baha has come in defense of his beautiful young lover, Georgina Njenga. This follows a leakage of a clip of Georgina’s birthday suit that has been going viral across social media platforms

The video which first got its source from BNN has been making several rounds in the virtual atmosphere, leaving the ground tongues tied as it continues to also garner diverse views from the fans of the two talented young couple.

However, Baha has inherited a Lion’s heart and spirit, having stood boldly to affirm his genuine love for his fellow lovebird amid her current frustrations.

He has posted a photo of themselves, banked with two heart emojis symbolizing his true love towards the young mother, a sign that he has offered Georgina a shoulder to lean on.

His step has been recommended by diehards who urge them to stick together and fight the critics. A section of the fan base has trashed the people who continue to widespread the link, terming the act to be a high level of immaturity.

Under a post made by Tuko news, one outstanding reaction made by a fan going by the identity; Píus Príñçè, stated that love is only proven when the world is against the two entangling within the shared soul.

In addition, he advised Baha and the family that everyone make mistakes at some point but one must fight through thick and thin to give critics reasons to bend heads down by not allowing critics to overpower you.

“The only way you can proof love to your partner is when the world is against them. Bravo bravo! We don’t live because of the past, we all made mistakes at some point, some of us did worse than your gf but we crucify fast. Don’t look behind, but give them a reason to bend their heads more and more,” read in the fan’s comment


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