King Kaka’s Latest song ‘Umenibariki’ Hits Bone of Contention, termed Satanic

Kenya’s popular rapper going by the name King Kaka just dropped his 17th track gospel album dubbbed ‘2nd life.’

In the album, there is one among other songs much appreciated by his fans dubbed as ‘Umenibariki.’ This song features one of the most loved gospel artists in the country, Goodluck Gozbert.

Since the time of it’s release on YouTube, the song has garnered over 230k, indicating how fans love the track.

However, as the say goes that one man’s meat is another man’s poison, the song has not slipped from hitting a pool of criticism. As far as this is concerned, one pastor going by the name Benson, has accused King Kaka’s ‘Umenibariki’ song to be demonic.

The man of God had no peace with the song citing some signs and numbering that Gozbert has displayed, referring to the sign to be associated with devil worshiping.

While arguing, pastor Benson highlighted this, “I’m not here to attack but I spotted a sign from Gozbert in the 12th and 13th second and them talking about being number 6 in the 36th second.”

The pastor raised his concerns over the kind of numbering used in that song, further suggesting that it’s a 666 number which is biblically known to be the mark of the beast representing an anti-christ mark.

However, King Kaka upon hearing the accusations, took it lightly and has not too many words to justify. He rather trashed the claims regarding them as banter from someone clutching at straws.

He wrote, “hii dunia iko na mambo!” Which translates as:

(This world is full of wild things!)

He however encouraged his fans to continue streaming and have a look on the video and receive the blessings he intends to deliver by the song.

If you haven’t streamed, spare yourself some time so you may have your say.


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