Singer Bahati Urges Couples to Make bed busy daily

Award winning Kenyan artist Bahati urges women to keep their beds a busy bee hive, make love a necessity of the day saying it’s the the hidden secret that catalyzes a happy marriage.

The singer and the CEO of EMB records, during a Q&A session with his betrothed jewel Diana Marua emphatically laid down a rock on the Importance of always warming the bed together, adding that women should never fear to adventure and implement new fashions, designs and styles on love making.

For a happy marriage, he advised, “Give your husband different twa twa Styles every day.”

On what seemed to have sparkled air waves across their social media platforms, Bahati further added that he never stops to wish her most beautiful woman on the planet Diana a quick recovery, so he may ask to be first breastfed before the baby is given consideration and allowed to also suck the same milk.

During the Q&A session, this was the response that Bahati made to his wife, “Before cooking for me, breastfeeding the baby, or doing content, first breastfeed me.”

The musician Bahati and his wife Diana Marua, recently welcomed their third child together at a Nairobi hospital making the family expand to six; three who are biologically theirs and three who are adopted. This mathematics of three biological children is exclusive of the numerous times the duo have gone hiding under their bedroom blankets behind the camera, but again, remember he said it’s a daily necessity.


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