Nadia Mukami Uproots Arrow Bwoy’s name from their Son

Nadia Mukami has today removed the name of her ex-boyfriend Arrow Bwoy from the name their son Haseeb Kai’s Instagram biography. This action, is a symbol of taking off fatherly identity of their little first son from Arrow Bwoy

The songbird who is blessed with the melodious voice ever, further unfollowed Arrow Bwoy on Kai’s account, only leaving her details left as the parent of Kai. Won’t she accept any amount sent to her for the upbringing of Kai, should she mean creating an impassable rift between Kai and his biological father?

This comes a few weeks ago after the two longtime lovebirds decided to call it off. The fractures of the heartbreak seemed to had left marks of bleeding wounds that might have damaged the entire chambers of Nadia’s heart.

And that day, Nadia wrote a note to confirm to their fans that Arrow Bwoy is a black chapter already shut down in her life.

“Just to clarify to the guys trying to book Arrow Bwoy and I. I have run out of lies. We have not been together for a while; we broke up. Kindly contact individual management for bookings. One love.” She confirmed.

Surprisingly, their actions already speak louder to our ears in spite of the fact that the duo UpTo now did not reveal the cause of their breakup. Maybe, the fans have started joining the dots but should the leakage hits airwaves, we shall be in to gossip a bit


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