Kiambu Villagers Beat An Accused Thug To Death

Gitaru people in Kiambu county beat a 30-year-old man to death on Monday night for allegedly staging a robbery. The suspect was a member of an unruly group who broke into a complex, but their plan was foiled when the homeowner heard their loud footsteps echoing inside his compound and raised the alarm.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, a witness reported hearing loud noises about 4 am.

“I imagined things were falling from the sky. Later, the pace of the footfall quickened, and my sheep began to bleat in agony “said he.

He claimed that he followed it by asking his wife if she had heard the noise.

“Is that right, Mr. Ciakwa? I don’t! Is that one of my goats? They are the ones, you’re right! She answered quietly, “said he.The man instantly jumped out of bed, squeaked over to the bedroom window, and peered out from a corner to see what was going on.

His wife joined him in raising the alarm when he saw shadows of strangers going toward the sheep’s kraal, which had been broken into a week before.

“Uuuuuui! Uuuuuuui! Wezi! Wezi! Amutuke na nimokire! “They yelled. This roughly translates to: Help us out! The bad guys have shown up.

One of the frightened suspects took cover inside an unfinished building as the others escaped from the compound and leaped over the outer wall.

As soon as the neighbors arrived, the man who had been pacing the home and yelling opened the door while pointing in the general direction of the partially completed building where the last suspect had taken cover. The culprit was attacked by the neighbors after being saved by police.

He was taken by the police in a life-saving ambulance to Wangige Level Four hospital, but an hour later he passed away.

According to DCI, the deceased body is lying in the hospital’s mortuary while it is identified and examined after death. They warned the general population “not to take the law into their own hands in such cases.”


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