Sonko Differs With Khalwale, Warns Karen Who Declares Crush on Footballer Mbappe

Former Governor of Kenya’s Capital City, Mike Mbuvi Sonko finally had a point to make as the drama Queen Karen Nyamu opens up on new crush on footballer Kyllian Mbappe.

Sonko wrote a hard hit message on social media, warning the nominated senator to cease being comedian and a state actress, something he believes can destroy her bright career ahead in politics.

As if that advice was not sufficient, Mr Sonko who failed to appear on the Mombasa gubernatorial race during August 9th election further Critiqued Karen’s fertility rate warning her to stop giving birth like cats do.

He wrote, “hebu punguza hizi drama kidogo wacha kufinywa finywa na kuzaa ovyo ovyo kama paka bila mpangilio alafu unafuata baby daddy hata akiwa na wife.”

This comes hours after Karen Nyamu declared a crush on France and PSG starlet Kyllian Mbappe, who had an incredible mega star performance in the World Cup finals on the night of December 18 against Argentina, having scored a brace infield before adding one more goal on the shootout.

However, Sonko also had some fatherly pieces of advice to Karen, praising her inborn ability to lead, something he says gave her some uniqueness and perfect profile to assume the nominated senator position among those that contested for the post.

“Karen my sister you have a very bright political future. I know you as a strong bright woman even b4 you met this karao wa Mugithi. Kindly focus and job na Mungu atakupa chali ako na stick kushinda huyu karao wa mugithii na huyo Mbappe.” Read in further Sonko’s statement.

Sonko’s statement comes a day after Boni Khalwale described Karen’s commotion during Samidoh’s performance at Dubai as a true love, saying he blames not Karen


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