Rigathi Gachagua Supports IG Koome’s Use Of Firearms By Police As A Form Of Defense

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has stated that he agrees with Inspector General Japhet Koome’s directive to police personnel to use firearms to defend themselves against criminals.

Gachagua asserted during a sermon on Sunday at Maralal Catholic Church in Samburu that police must first look out for themselves.

“I want to underline what IG Koome said, which is that before our police officers can protect you, they must first take care of themselves. There is nothing improper if you threaten an armed police officer since they must first defend themselves “explained he.

IG Koome advised police officers to use their firearms to defend themselves on Friday. “Recently, they commanded the arrest of 12 police officers. The IG’s office would support you.

Koome opined that police should use force to defend themselves, the public, and their property.

“A few police personnel were shot at with arrows on Mombasa Road. The officers came into a barrier while escorting cash. Despite having rifles, the rioters shot arrows at the cops. A pistol is not a writing instrument “he explained.

Koome warned those asking for the arrest of police officers, adding that they shouldn’t be harmed and shouldn’t be shown not using their weapons.

“We won’t be scared off. Our duty is to safeguard people and property. I’ll say it again: we won’t be cowards “he said.


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