Commotion at Dubai as Karen Nyamu Confronts Samidoh’s Wife Edday Nderitu

Wonders of love shall never end. Today, social media has turned a blaze following a physical confrontation between nominated senator Karen Nyamu and Samidoh’s Wife Edday Nderitu last night Friday in Dubai.

The popular entertainer and Mugithi singer Samidoh ahead of his performance, received hefty of unexpected tiff as his ex wife Karen Nyamu stormed their table to find access to his lap where she came and sat comfortably in front of Edday Nderitu, the legal wife.

It was until then that the clash of love like a boiling steam, stirred up quickly between the two. Edday got puffed up and breathed fire and brimstones not to allow the cinema continue on her watch. To every woman, this would be the right indomitable wall to put, that is not allowing your man’s ex wife to even smell the fragrance of their perfume.

It forced the people in attendance to bring their businesses at standstill to first calm down the commotion. However, after a period of hours, the nominated senator Karen Nyamu broke the silence pouring blames of being not sober at the times of all those drama, promising to quit drinking but not Samidoh. Is it obsession by ancestral spirits of love?

Earlier ahead of the Dubai performance, Mrs Edday shared an image of her with her husband in Dubai and captioned it with a sweet message of ending the year in style.

“Ending the year on a high note with family and friends.Dubai lazima mugithi ishike,” she wrote.

As if it was the beginning of the clash, Karen Nyamu on the other hand, shared an image of herself in Dubai hinting that the two could be in a push and pull of sorts over Samidoh. It’s still unclear how what Karen had once considered a poison and parted ways with, can be her meat to fight for this time.


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