What you didn’t Know about famous Nollywood star Chinaedu Ikedieze

The famous Nollywood actor known as Chinaedu Ikedieze is a star to mention in the entertainment and film industry. He is mostly known by many as Aki and you cannot watch his films and movies without cracking your ribs. Him together with his brother Paw Paw in the Nollywood movies, are known to be portraying characters of troublesome children in the society. They are cunning and conning.

However, the most complicated part of his life beds on the fact that a lot of his fans must have taken decades to understand, the exact age he has. He looks ever young and most of us were born when Aki was already acting, but currently battle with Methuselah while Aki is still the child he was. It is with this regard that we ought to let you know that Aki, if she was a girl, she would have been scientifically exhausting her menopause today and would shut certain privileges of intimacy.

The veteran Nollywood star was born on December 12th 1977. He hails from Iluoma Uzuakoli, Bende in Abia State in Nigeria. He is a happily married man to a beautiful wife Nneoma Ikedieze, who he married in 2011 and has two children. He is a very learned gentleman, God-loving, an entrepreneur and serial investor.

His breakthrough was in the year 2002 in the movie dubbed ‘Aki na Ukwa’ where he acted alongside Osita Iheme who is equally as humourous and cunning in the movie like some children of this generation.

However, today on December 12, 2022, he celebrates his 45th birthday in style, thanking God for the life and bountiful store he hopes to receive in the subsequent coming years.

He said, “in every situation we give thanks to God! All praises to Almighty father for warming up or the good things he has in stock for me and the many wonderful years to come.”

Happiest birthday to him.


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