Fans Call for Diamond-Zuchu Marriage Before Next Year

Diamond Platinumz and Zuchu have been officially dating for a space of time now. Experts of love know intimate relationship should lead to marriage, if not then it’s a waste of resources and time. As a result, fans of the duo have now come out to catalyze the possibility of Diamond and Zuchu starting a new life as legal partners.

Babu Tale, the manager of Diamond Platnumz has not hidden his thought of wanting this to happen as soon as in two weeks time. Perhaps, fans are getting tired of seeing the two already exhausting the activities they ought to only do when they’re married.

Tale, while demanding for the best gift he ought to be given on his birthday on 31st December by his two children who are now lovebirds, said he is used to normal life of seeing luxurious gifts that Diamond cashes out on Zuchu. Therefore, Tale argues that it will be unique seeing Diamond tie love knot and signs official paper to own Zuchu on 31st December, even if it means having 3 to 4 witnesses only.

“Najua kijana wangu vizawadi vya magari mala nyumba nisehemu ya kawaida sana kwako ila mimi zawadi pekee utakayo nipa na itakayo nifurahisha siku hii kwanza upige ndoa hata wa watu wanne na mashahidi kadhaa inatosha.” Babu Tale wrote.

Nonetheless, that’s but the Opinion that Babu Tale has. Diamond and Zuchu have no hurry in Africa. Provided they do everything that the married do behind the cameras and neither of them have complained of being hit by a long spell.

Diamond and Zuchu have an organized function on 31st at Zanzibar and Babu wants this night to be so special and unique, not only for him but also for their fans.

“Kwenye hishow mkaniimbie kwa pamoja nyimbo yangu pendwa wakari huo mkiiwa bibi na bwana harusi then funga na kufungua mwaka kwa sura mpya.” He added


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