Zari Hassan Defends Her Choice of Dating Younger Men

Zari Hassan eventually comes out to draw the line on criticism she receives on social media about the age factor of the kind of men she dates. This is a result of accepting to say yes to a 30-years old Shakib Cham who is 12-years younger than her.

Apart from her current lover Shakib, the Ugandan popular business woman dated the king of Bongo flava Diamond Platinumz, rumoured to have been younger than her too. She looks to be one of the beautiful ladies whose taglines are, ‘age is just but a number.’ Perhaps there’s precious secret if not a treasure, hidden in her preference.

However, Zari seems to have heard enough of the noises and is whipping the critiques claiming that his jewel lover is past childhood. According to her, the society is being unfair and so judgemental on women because the village elders will never sit a man down for marrying a younger lady but questions an elder lady for marrying the younger man.

“This society has double standards. When old men marry younger women, nobody talks, but when it is vice versa, you all point fingers. I’m 42 and Shakib is 30.To me, he’s no longer a child,” Zari added.

In this, I support Zari and urge ladies not to raise eyebrows and cast the spell on younger men who propose to tie souls with them. In fact, in a man should be maturity. Maturity comes with responsibility as well as capability to handle situations. This is what makes a man to know what should be done and when to do it.

This, is a free piece of advice and the only secret to save majority of the ladies who unwillingly prolong their stay in the father’s compounds, simply because they consider nothing less than some specific age in a man.


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