Overwhelming Story of 24 years old Alma Mutheu who Dropped Varsity and now earns Millions of Money Online

Life is what you make it. Some of us still believe education is the only key to success but I write to disagree especially after being challenged by a story of the popular Tiktoker Alma Mutheu. Her story has made me believe that education is just one of the keys to success and plus hard work and persistence, you become who you want to be life in life.

Wondering who Alma is? Well, she is a Kenyan youngster who now boasts of smelling the sweat of her millions of money at just the age of 24. While revealing her story during an exclusive interview with Nairobi news lately, the young Tiktoker said she had to sacrifice her university study in order to focus on content creation.

I don’t know how much it might cost you to willingly stop attending lessons and classes, but for Alma, she has no much regret on the decision she made. Right now, Alma at TikTok has followers more than what Prof George Wajackoya and David Mwaure Wahiga garnered as number of votes in the August 9 General election. She has over 500,000 followers, a population of a whole county of people following her.

Her motivation line is that dream to study can never die even at old age. The classroom structure never runs away of wrinkled faces so at 80 years you’re still good to sit with your grandchildren in the same class, with the only difference being that you’ll be an old millionaire.

She believes one can resume to class later in life after achieving most important life goals as long as you keep dreaming.

Now what’s my point? A lot of young people outside here have talents but do not nurture them well. Some of them are good innovators but rather choose to invest on being parasites that drain parents and relatives. It’s high time we realize that the digital world accommodates everyone and if not just Alma, there are many more models that have found their way through to the content creation world and you are not an exceptional. Start it today.


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