Charlene Ruto Provides Anonymous Evidence to Defend Her Smokies Business against Doubters

President William Ruto’s daughter Charlene has finally come out to defend her smokie kachumbari business against those doubting she survived through this means during her days at Daystar University. She had recently shared the idea of doing a business on smokies and kachumbari in a forum where she was speaking to the youth on business and saving.

I don’t know how much capital it took her to settle In this, but any ordinary student at campus can tell that even ksh 100 bob is enough to start doing a business of selling ‘uji and chapo’ in the hostels. If it doesn’t work, you can do even ‘mutumba selling’ to other students within the hostel.

But because in Kenya, talking without a concrete evidence is nothing but a hot air, Charlene is forced to present an evidence. In this case, the anonymous classmates and roommates can be her witness. Perhaps, the room and hostel she stayed at can be enough proof and Kenyans would be interested in knowing the exact bed number but that’s a story for another day.

“It’s a true story, I used to sell smokies and kachumbari and I think my classmates and people I shared my dormitory with are witnesses.” She told Mungai Eve in an exclusive interview.

For her, staying in the hostel at Daystar University is what equalized her with her fellows. She didn’t receive any special treatment at all. Again, she didn’t have any employee to help her with the business. They sold the smokies for one year and later moved on to other businesses and now she is where she is because of her hard work.


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