Egypt Is Constructing One Of The World’s Biggest Wind Farms

Egypt is constructing one of the largest wind farms in the world, according to Ayman Hamza, the official spokesperson for the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy. This project is a result of agreements made at the COP27 Climate Summit in Sharm el-Sheikh.

In a telephone interview with the al-Hayat channel on Sunday, Hamza said that four agreements totaling 28,000 megawatts, including a wind farm with a 10 gigawatt capacity and a $12 billion price tag, were made at the summit.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed in November by the Emirati Masdar, one of the fastest-growing renewable energy companies in the world, along with its joint venture, Infinity Power, with Infinity, Egypt’s primary renewable energy developer, and Hassan Allam Utilities, to develop a 10-gigawatt (GW) onshore wind project at Egypt’s Gulf of Suez, which will be one of the biggest wind farms in the world. Hamza emphasized that the initiative will result in an annual reduction of carbon emissions of around 24 million tons.

During the construction phase, the project created roughly 30,000 job opportunities, and it will continue to do so once it is operational, he continued.

In total, he continued, the initiatives outlined in the agreements reached at COP27 will create around 50,000 jobs.

Through the electrical interconnection project with Europe, these initiatives will aid in the export of electricity and energy. They will also aid in the manufacture of green hydrogen by optimizing the use of diverse energies. According to him, the project created roughly 30,000 jobs during the construction phase and would continue to do so once it is up and running.


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