Celebrating his birthday today, Diamond Hints Transferring Hereditary to His Son Nilan

If it is not only enjoying the fruits of his music, for what he has well be known for in decades as the king of bongo genre of music, Tanzanian star Diamond Platinumz must also be a happy man enjoying seeing the sons and daughter he has ever sired with different ladies. Well, it’s a unique feeling; that is full of pleasure to every man outside here, to reach fatherhood stage.

Today December 6, Diamond Platinumz hides no smile being a dad to a young handsome boy popularly known as Nilan, as he wish him many more years to live having added one more year in his ‘age-bag’. Why would he not be happy for God has yet given him another year to see and celebrate his son’s Birthday?

To make it public, the Wasafi Records owner, one who hits no reach in the field of music, has alerted fans on this auspicious day by dropping a sweet message on his Instagram page wishing Prince Nilan a happy Birthday. He further hinted on hereditary transfer to his son by a Swahili caption on the picture he posted, stating that Nilan should grow so he may pass onto him the stick.

My handsome was born today, a prince. Papa loves you nee. Kua nikupasie kijiti,” he wrote.

The East African artist has two children with his ex-wife Zari, but Tiffany is famously assumed to be his apple of the eye. Perhaps this hypothesis is weighing on the fact that she’s his only daughter.

Apart from the two, Diamond’s DNA also flows in two other children, one of the two sired with Tanasha and the other Child, he sired with Hamisa. Interestingly, Diamond shows no preference to any more than the others, a sign of a good dad. He has always been passionate to all of them, responding to their needs with equity and today, celebration turns to baby Nilan.

Happiest birthday to him


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