Wizkid Makes Strong Comeback Against Critiques from Nigerian Rappers

The art world is full of humour defining all manners. If not for complaints on copyright issues, infringement of privacy and so on, then it must be for the instrumental incorporated in your song or even the manner you attacked your beats.

In short, fellow artists and various musical bands will always find reason why you wore a white and not black blouse when shooting your video. Doesn’t it sound funny?

This time, Wizkid took his opinion to social media asserting that the rap genre of some Nigerian Rappers, was purely dead adding that the famous rappers were non creative and not substantive; citing the fact that they were doing nothing except for recycling ancient flows.

The rappers, who felt belittled by WizKids over his sentiments on their work, consequently criticized him with unmeasurable retaliation.

Also, rappers such as Oladips, Ladipoe, Blaqbonez, MI Abaga and others responded to the comments of the Come Closer hitmaker WizKid with varying degrees of decorum. Something that continues to create and grow a room for comments from followers all over the social media.

Oladips in particular, did not hesitate to leave a share rebuttal that added to the ranging conversation over the internet. Wizkid, who has reportedly been going through their responses perhaps one by one, called them “broke boys” who he couldn’t care less about on his Snapchat.

Broke boys! Can’t believe y’all broke boys really thought Big Wiz will talk abt y’all, wow!” He wrote in response.


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