Stevo Simple Boy Drops New Phrase Again Leaving Fans in Stitches

How would you propel through the Tsunami waves in the art environment if you don’t put on the armor of creativity on you? For Stevo, he will beat all odds just to make sure fans don’t finish reading his dictionary before he adds new phrases.

Today, the talented young Kenyan male artist has left fans in stitches following his sentiments on his Official Instagram account, where he posted a video of himself talking on the phone. The “freshi barida” man then captioned the video with his new phrases of American accent

“I am berraaa, I will call you leirraa. I will beat for you later phone leeiraaa.” Read the caption

When translated normally, the above phrases should mean, “I am better, I will call you later. I will call you later.”

Not only once has the Kenyan gentleman sparkled ground by his unique phrases. He plays his cards well in his unique ‘trademark’. Arguably, him being unique with new phrases has made his popularity hit the clouds and he seemingly aims to produce more chapters of his own phrases. Some of the phrases that made him popular include “freshi barida“, “katoto milk maziwa” among many others.

Other than being creative in words, Stevo is an icon excelling in the music industry and some of his great hits like Mihadarati will keep being new to ears even if Stevo continues to grow older every single day.


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