Wema Sepetu Passes Fertility Test

Former miss Tanzania, Wema Sepetu, recently shared a video of herself in tears seeking God’s face for the blessing of a child of her own, fruit of her womb. In a video that stirred online fan base with an earthquake of emotions as majority of her fans share motivational phrases and hope with her, Wema held a friend’s child and even hinted her desire to run away with her.

For being unable to conceive in decades now, debates and discussions questioning on Sepetu’s fertility is nolonger a cat in the bucket.

And for her, she has gone extra miles to gratify need for company of her own children to no avail. Last year,she was forced to lose some more weight in her search for a child.

I had to lose weight in order to increase my fertility rate as my uterus was surrounded by a lot of fat making it impossible to get pregnant.” She stated back then.

Interestingly, an answer to the most difficult question has been found. Rumours clouding social media has it that modeler Sepetu had conceived but unfortunately had a miscarriage. This arguably answers questions whether she can bear her seeds.

Singer Whozu, Wema Sepetu’s boyfriend when asked in an interview with Tanzanian online media whether the rumours were true, that he was expecting a child with Sepetu, confirmed that he was expecting a child with the former Miss Tanzania.

“Iliharibika bahati mbaya, but people think its a lie.” He replied 

Like the spirit of a hunter aiming for a prey, Whozu is relentlessly aiming to make as many attempts as his efforts would go, to look for a child together with Sepetu.

In addition, Whozu wholeheartedly joins his girlfriend in making daily prayers for blessing of a baby but for him, his love for a baby boy seems to hit the moon and back.

I pray to God that the child is a boy. And his mother will be Wema Sepetu. I’ll keep praying.” He added.

When asked on why Sepetu was crying in the recent video that went viral on social media, he replied, “I do not know. That must have been about her things that happened before I met her.”

Based on the responses of singer Whozu, Sepetu has doubtlessly passed fertility test and we all join hands to wish that their heart desires be granted by the Giver.


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