Kenrazy Holds Nothing for YY Comedian

Renowned comedian Oliver Otieno, famed as YY, has bent so low on his knees to seek apology from rapper Kenrazy, following insensitive joke YY made about Kenrazy’s rate card recently.

“Tusipo ku afford, Nitaita Timmy Tdat na Timmy Tdat atakuja na Kenrazy na 40,000” YY tickled a joke about Kenzrazy’s rate card days ago.

On his side, the rapper Kenrazy showed his wrath hitting back on YY during an interview, saying the Kenyan comedian shouldn’t mention his name in a manner that depreciates and tarnishes his value to the public.

“I don’t appreciate you mentioning me in a statement that decreases my value in front of the whole nation,” stated the Tichi hitmaker.

In what seemed to had frustrated him even more, Kenrazy warned YY against cracking jokes about his music without consent of how his Hustle is done.

“You trash my business and brand out of nothing just to trend? Really bro? Never drag my name into such stuff,” an angry Kenzrazy said.

“I have been working hard to build my craft daily and work so siezi accept such statement coming from a person like you.” He added.

Following Kenrazy’s long social media post, YY finally cleared the air to by issuing apology to the public to the rapper for talking ill about his hustle and only means to ear livelihood.

“There is an interview I did the other day and I teased Kenrazy a bit… I really apologize my brother Kenrazy for how this made you feel, for how it looked and perceived you,” read in the post.

Kenrazy on the other hand, has swallowed his pride and humbled himself to accept the apology on the grounds that they consider themselves as brothers which makes forgiveness an important aspect in day-to-day life


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