Akorino Gospel Artiste Urges Fellows to Sing in Bars, Referring to Scripture

The new Akorino gospel artist in town, Hezeh Ndungu urges fellow gospel artists to step into bars and sing for money. The gentleman is said to have joined the world of artists recently but seems to have garnered attention from his fans.

According to Hezeh Ndugu, singers are mere human beings and compares nowhere near God against Holiness and Righteousness, hence should not consider singing in bars as wickedness and evil.

While being interviewed at Jeff Kuria TV, the singer noted that the only Holy and righteous being was God, and that people should not dare judge you should you take that path.

As a result, he asks singers of gospel to make further make bold steps into the bars so they can make good money and that, the action does not make one unclean before God. By doing so, Mr Ndungu believes that gospel singers will maximize utilization of their talents.

According to him, singing refusing to sing gospel in bars is normally considered to be foolishness yet it’s the contrary. While justifying his stand, he even noted that no restrictions or scriptures documented to indicate that singers of gospel could not perform in bars.

“Personally, I will sing anywhere to get money and I belong to church hence not fighting it…but for money I will sing even in bars,” he made it clear in the interview.

What’s your take on this?


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