‘Willy Paul is not My man, Nimeshindwa Kuvumilia,’ Jovial Reveals Concealed Fact to Fans

For quite a number of days and weeks, the gossip has been hitting the airwaves that secular artist Willy Paul together with Jovial have something in common anonymous to the public, especially to their fan base.

This follows curiosity that rise on a daily basis, after the duo lately let out leakages of some cozy videos and photos of them hit the public, something that made them hit the headlines over the social media.

Photos and videos of the two renowned artists displayed so much romance erupting the debate even more. Moreover, they themselves made it crystal clear to their fans that they are too deep in love to come out.

However, today, Jovial has decided to let spill out the milk justifying her reasons for this that she couldn’t bear the heat on her head from the fans anymore.

Jovial on her side, said that her closeness to Willy Paul had the boundary drawn at working on a common project which according to her, is finished and they have consequently parted ways.

Based on the sentiments of Jovial, the project they had was to release their new song dubbed ‘La la la’ and achieving this mission, demanded their intimacy. Further, Jovial stated that the finished business benefited both of them and their mission is already accomplished.

Do you agree with Jovial on this or something just didn’t work out well?


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