“Eddie Kenzo Is Well Protected From Any Harm By Enemies”- Declares His Events Promoter

Let us start off from a few flashbacks as far as this story is concerned. Just after holding his Eddie Kenzo Festival, that apparently is the root cause of all this back and forth, Eddie Kenzo called a gratitude press conference with journalists amidst which he broke down saying that there were people sending him threats and trying to kill him.

Before lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Kenzo and an event promoter called Lubulwa better known by his business name Luba, had entered into a deal to stage the Eddy Kenzo Festival on March 28, 2020, at Kololo Airstrip. Unfortunately, the event didn’t happen and Kenzo promised Luba that the contract will be intact untill the lockdown is lifted and they go on with the arrangements.

Luba had initially paid Kenzo Shs120 million but after the lockdown when Luba approached Kenzo to organise the festival again, the Sitya Loss hitmaker told him that he needed to pay more Shs520m.

Fast forward, Luba sued Kenzo and won the case against the musician after which Kenzo was banned from performing in Uganda. This made Luba be labelled as an enemy by Kenzo.

However, Events promoter Balaam Barugahara has said musician Eddy Kenzo can only be defeated using witchcraft because attacking him with guns won’t work. A comment prompted by Kenzo’s cry for his life.

Those who want to kill Kenzo, maybe they’ll [bewitch] him. But if they want to use a gun, he has [stronger] guns. Those who want to kill him with guns, go there [prepared for a fight]. He has soldiers that guard him,… if you want to defeat him, [use witchcraft],” Barugahara said in a an online video.

Baalam added that on Kenzo’s issues with Moses Lubulwa of Luba Events, Lubulwa was compensated.

Balaam Barugahara said they should settle their issues out of court, with Kenzo paying Luba about Shs20m and giving his lawyer Shs5m.


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